Help! I found orphan wildlife. What should I do?

There are two local wildlife rescues that may be able to help.

Nashville Wildlife Conservation Center

Walden's Puddle

The most important thing to remember is to not keep the animal and take care of it yourself! Not only could it potentially do more harm than good to the animal, it is also illegal!

In the event you ever find an injured or orphaned animal out in your yard or in the wild, contact a permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator prior to picking the animal up. The TWRA is happy to provide a list of authorized Wildlife Rehabilitators to ensure the safety and well being of the animal and yourself.

Note: Wildlife Rehabilitators do not pick animals up. If you find an animal and a rehabilitator can accept the animal, you will need to arrange transportation to deliver the animal to the Wildlife Rehabilitator.

Also please visit the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency for further information.

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