Are you the same as Animal Control? Or a Humane Society?

Williamson County Animal Center is Animal Control, Care, and Adoptions. Unlike a Humane Society, we are not selective on the animals that can be admitted to us. We do not turn away any stray animal found in county, or an animal surrendered by their guardian (provided they live in Williamson County) due to age, medical condition, or behavioral issues. Appointments are required to surrender a family pet. There is no fee to bring in an animal.

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1. When will you be moving to the new shelter?
2. Where are you located?
3. I found a pet in my neighborhood, what do I do?
4. Help, I found orphan kittens! What do I do?
5. Does your shelter have a wish list?
6. Can I do court ordered or school required community service at your shelter?
7. Are you the same as Animal Control? Or a Humane Society?
8. Where do your animals come from?
9. Are you a no kill shelter?
10. I adopted an animal from you, and now I can no longer keep them. What do I do?
11. Do you give vaccinations to the public?
12. Who qualifies for your services?
13. What all can I do when my animal goes missing?
14. I adopted a pet, but have questions.
15. How do you determine the age/breed of a stray?
16. When I adopt, what vaccination/medications had my animal received?
17. Help! I found orphan wildlife. What should I do?