Wish List

Thank you for helping support our shelter. Below are the most needed items. Your generosity is appreciated.
You can also purchase items online directly from our Amazon wish list.
  • Fancy Feast Wet Kitten Food 
  • KMR brand milk replacement
  • Cat toys
  • Dog toys (please no tennis balls)
  • Milkbone Mini Biscuit Dog treats (no rich treats)
  • Happy Howie Meat Rolls
  • Bird seed for feeders (sunflower or mix)
  • Liquid Laundry Soap
  • Kuranda dog beds - medium, large, or x-large
  • Old towels and wash cloths
  • Medium size dog collars
  • Benebone chew toys for dogs
  • DaBird Feather refills for cats
  • Cat litter - clay type
  • Mylar cat ball toys