If you would like to partner with Williamson County Animal Center, please contact Community Outreach Coordinator Scott Pieper at scott.pieper@williamsoncounty-tn.gov or 615-790-5590, ext. 8547.

There are many ways that a local business can support our shelter. We welcome community partners who are committed to animal welfare and raising awareness for adopting shelter animals, reducing the local pet population and stopping animal abuse and neglect.

Hosting an Adoption Event

Saving more lives means having more adoption events. Local business and community events are a great place for a mobile adoption event. We are especially interested in doing off site events in the parts of the county farther away from our facility - such as Nolensville, Fairview, and Spring Hill. We will bring our Mobile Adoption Center (MAC) to your place of business and set up an adoption event in your parking lot or inside your business. Any type of business is welcome.

What You Can Do For WCAC

  • Allow us to host an on-site adoption event at your place of business or community event.
  • Help us spread the word by posting our adoption event date and details to your website homepage and on other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Sponsor an adoption day at the WCAC shelter. We can only take a few animals to an offsite event, but all the adoptable pets are at one location when we do on site events.
  • Offer incentives to adopt, such as offering a coupon or discount to those who adopt a dog at the on-site event as a reward for saving a life that day.
  • Promote the event on your business’s Facebook page.

What We Can Do For You

  • Before -  We can draw attention to your business prior to the event through press releases, Facebook posts, other social media and flyers.
  • On Event Day - We will create traffic to your business through the presence of our Mobile Adoption Center on your property and additional street signage.
  • Business Promotion - We can promote your business and business specials on social media that day while covering our adoption event.
  • After - We can post a “Thank You for Your Pawesome Support” feature about you to our Facebook page highlighting your business.

Hosting a Fundraiser / Awareness Event

If you are a supporter of animal adoption, make the public aware by hosting a fundraiser for WCAC.  Many restaurants and retailers support our programs by donating a percentage of profits during publicized fundraisers.

These events benefit both WCAC and the business owner. Together, your business and WCAC will create flyers, press releases and a social media presence. Plus we can be on-site for the event with materials, information and even an ambassador pet available for adoption from our shelter. 

Have an idea? WCAC is open to discussing any idea that you might have.

Examples of Possible Events

  • Concert: Sponsor a concert to benefit WCAC.
  • Employee Meetings: Invite us to attend and spread our message or host adoptions at a corporate event.
  • Extended: Donate a percentage of profits on sales 1 day a month. 
  • Festival: Donate a percentage of festival sales to WCAC.
  • Product Sales Incentive: When designated items are sold, WCAC gets a donation.
  • Public Speaking: We can speak at your event.
  • Selected: Donate a percentage of profits on sales between designated hours or on a day.
  • Sponsor Employee Adoptions: Pay for any WCAC pet adoptions by your employees.
  • Stress Reliever: Host a lunchtime dog walk at your business as a stress reliever for your staff.
  • Walk/Run: Organize a walk or run to benefit WCAC.

Be an Adoption Sponsor

Help us save lives and create goodwill in the community by prepaying for any number of public adoptions.

We will provide the recipient with a letter saying their adoption was paid for by your business, and give adopters promotional items from your business. Your business will be mentioned as ‘adoption sponsor’ on all Facebook posts for those pets.

Provide Products or Services

Your business can provide a product or service we need, or products promoting your company.
  • Your business can help by providing free design services for t-shirts or posters.
  • Donations of food are needed for events.
  • Businesses providing goods or services will be mentioned on flyers and social media, plus their logos will be displayed during the event.
  • We can post a “Thank You for Your Pawesome Support” feature about you to our Facebook page highlighting your business

Provide Service Hours

Would your staff enjoy a team-building service project? Perform corporate service projects at our shelter.
  • Help with shelter painting, fix-up, gardening or special projects
  • Provide needed equipment or supplies to the shelter
  • Serve as a dog or cat volunteer
  • Work as an adoption ambassador at events